Aqua-Bloc 720-38

Aqua-Bloc 720-38 is a one-component, elastomeric emulsion asphalt membrane. It is liquid-applied in a single or reinforced application and cures to provide a heavy-duty, seamless, rubber-like impervious shield. Aqua-Bloc 720-38 can be trowel or spray applied. This product is ideal for waterproofing ICF (insulated concrete forms) or green concrete applications. It can be used to waterproof smaller areas where application by trowel is more practical. Aqua-Bloc 720-38 is designed for waterproofing poured and block foundation walls, insulated concrete forms (ICF), footings, split slab floors, and retaining walls for residential construction. Complies with and exceeds the requirements of CAN/CGSB 37.2.


  • Seamless low modulus elastomeric membrane
  • Retains flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood
  • Can be applied to damp or green concrete
  • Bridges cracks
  • Contains no solvent and is environmentally friendly
  • Applied in one coat or in multiple coats with reinforcing fabric

990-06 Yellow Jacket

990-06 Yellow Jacket is a bright yellow open weave glass fabric consisting of glass fibre yarn saturated with synthetic resins. The bright yellow colour helps the applicator determine when the fabric is completely embedded in the coating compound, particularly under poor lighting conditions. The glass fibre in this product will not rot, mildew or wick water into the body of the coating material. Used as a reinforcing membrane incorporated into many types coatings where superior strength and toughness are required.

Platon Drainage Boards

Platon Drainage Boards comprise an air-gap waterproofing system that is effective for all types of foundations. It is a tough, dimpled, 24-mil high density polyethylene wrap that seals out water, making foundation leaks a thing of the past. A proven performer across North America for the past 15 years, Platon does the job right the first time. Platon keeps basements dry, even in heavy clay soils with problematic drainage; controls both interior and exterior moisture; and is chemically inert and environmentally friendly. Platon continues to function in spite of future foundation cracking, shifting, and setting.